• On the streets. An indigenous girl in Bolivia finds the streets to be her playground.

As a collaborator with Cinema Libre Studio in the production of “The End of Poverty?” the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation (RSF) hopes you enjoyed watching the film and that it has raised a number of questions in your mind. If you have not yet seen the film, please go to www.theendofpoverty.com and click on the link to find showings and/or to purchase the DVD. Until you have seen the film, parts of this website will not fully make sense.

The purpose of RSF is to introduce the ideas of Henry George, a late 19th century economist and social reformer, to the public. “The End of Poverty” opens with the question Henry George asked more than a century ago: Why does poverty become a deeper problem as a society becomes more prosperous? That is the fundamental paradox he raised in Progress and Poverty, which sold millions of copies in over a dozen languages. Until 1917, his philosophy was regarded as the primary radical alternative to Marxism…..

A simple way of describing George’s core insight is to say that the rich-poor divide largely corresponds to the division between those who own real estate and natural resources and those who do not. In developing countries, the rich own agricultural land and mineral resources. In developed countries, they own urban real estate (worth trillions of dollars) and the stocks and bonds of corporations that own either urban real estate or mineral wealth. The poor then work for the rich in a market that is rigged to keep them poor because of unequal ownership.more…

Companion guide to the movie “The End of Poverty”
Why Global Poverty?
By Clifford W. Cobb & Philippe Diaz

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  1. pete montallana says:

    thanks for your film which i downloaded from the you tube. that has help us a lot to open up the minds of people why we are poor. your analysis is true for the philippines. I work for the urban poor, indigenous people and for the ecology – pete

  2. jake says:

    Great movie!

  3. Rod Vessels says:

    The real truth is that there is only one way to eliminate poverty in the world … the Humanity Party (www.humanityparty.com) of the people of Earth, by the people of Earth, and for the people of Earth.

    The honest in heart, who really care about poverty, will check it out, and embrace its tenets.

  4. roslyn willett says:

    I have been a Georgist since the 40s when I attended the Henry George School in NYC and took all the courses. I had studied everyone else’s political economy and found too many authoritarian or illogical. Tried to organize a group of friends to carry the thing further, and we had it going for a while. Stay with it; I have. roslyn sternberg willett

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